В этот уик-энд отметят свои Дни рождения 5 деревень района. Публикуем афиши праздников


On Saturday and Sunday 18-19 August in a number of settlements of the Svetlogorsk district there will be holidays in the village.

Their birthdays will be marked by Boroviki, Strakovichi, Pechischi, Podudok and Moiseyevka. Medkov will celebrate Day of the village on August 17 at 14.00 in his own leisure center, the rest of the events will take place in the corresponding cultural centers. We publish posters .

Strakovichi, August 18 at 12.00

Holiday village «Village Gulyai — people rest»:

  • procession «Wheel of Happiness»
  • commemoration
  • ceremony of consecration of fruits »
  • exhibition
  • competition «Well, how, grandmothers»
  • show — parade of masks «Mask — I Know You»
  • concert program «Sleeping by the Time»
  • entertaining game program «Young — mischievous»
  • dance program «Light your star»
  • attractions
  • shopping arcade

Boroviki, August 18 at 15.00

Holiday village «Native land polyphony»:

  • contest of poems «Our native land in verse and prose»
  • exhibition of folk art «Traditions of a living thread»
  • Amusement rides «Merry Balagan»
  • holiday concert
  • dance program «It’s not evening yet …»

Pechshchi, August 18 at 5 pm

Day of the village «Holiday of good neighbors»:

  • exhibition of masters of decorative and applied creativity «Countrymen — craftsmen»
  • concert program «Leisya song on the open air»
  • dance and entertainment program «Live well! A good life is even better!»

Prudok, on August, 19th at 11.00

Holiday village «Yablachny Savior — Osyamu Hour»:

  • exhibition of folk art «Hands zamyannyi tsudy»
  • theatrical program «Let us beseech the Holy One»
  • photo exhibition
  • concert program «With a song in life»
  • consecration ceremony
  • attractions
  • shopping arcade

Moiseevka, on August, 19th at 12.00:

Holiday village «Sertsu any kutok»:

  • exhibition of folk art «Autumn Gifts»
  • exhibition of flowers «Flowers-flowers in them Homeland and soul are not explainable»
  • exhibition of children’s drawings and crafts «Summer gives beauty»
  • theatrical performance «The Savior of all the stores»
  • the consecration of the fruits of the rector of the Church of the Holy Myrrhbearers Equal-to-the-Apostles Mary Magdalene (GP Parichi) «Under the Bells Bell»
  • game program «Oh, what a summer»
  • concert program «No you are loved and beautiful»
  • mass festivities
  • attractions
  • shopping arcade